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About Us

Beauty Shopper Philippines is the official online shopping website of SWAN DANCE INTERNATIONAL TRADING

Ms. Dursula Ito, founder of Swan Dance International Trading, was working as a Dental Technician in their own 4 Dental Clinics (Takumikai Dental Clinic) in Tokyo, Japan and owns retail and trading business in the Philippines.

As a newly established company, Swan Dance International Trading, engaged in retail and distribution of appreciative high quality Chacott for Professionals products such as ballet shoes, ballroom,jazz, yoga attires, stage accessories, cosmetics and organic skin care. Dursula has been sponsoring stage make up to the Ballet Philippines for events "Dragon Songs" in July 2012. "Anting" in September 2012 and November December Reyes Cayabyab - Lumbreras' "Rama Hair". And also La Salle Dance Contemporary for the event "Sudhaya: Dance in Poetry and Design". Swan Dance International Trading's was privileged to be part of the center for Aesthetic Studies Cosmetics Fair and on February 2013 another sponsorship to, The 43rd Season "Dragon Song" A Midsummer Night's Dream by Ballet Philippines.

It was indeed the passion and dedication of Dursula to bring the concept of natural, simple and yet the glamour of a woman will standout and will compliment even those  with Asian Complexion. A woman ought to be appreciated and admired. Cosmetics help to make every woman feel more confident and appealing. That's also a reason why Dursula nurtures beauty and bring answer to every woman needs in creating perfect looks. In 2008, Dursula discovered an elegant shimmering and matte brand of connections that can be used by all ages make-up that can keep up with not only to socialites but also to power driven and dynamic life of every woman, the Girlactik beauty products by Galit Strugano, founder of Girlactik Beauty. Girlactik is known in glittering makeup trend. Better beauty products that is exceptional and sparkling. With Girlactik products you can achieve sophisticated shimmer and-yet affordable gorgeousness. Once said, "Nature makes beauty, Sparkle Is sophisticated". April 2012, two sophisticated entrepreneurs collaborated and a good partnership started. Distribution Agreement between Girlactik beauty and  Swan Dance International Trading was made. And recently Galit Strugano awarded Swan Dance International Trading to handle the exclusive distributorship of Girlactik Beaty Products in South East Asia. Dursula Ito of Swan Dance International aimed will make Girlactik beauty be known as the best sparkle make up in the Philippines and in South East Asia. Girlactik Beauty celebrity fans include Miley Cyrus, Alicia Keys, Carrie Underwood, Christina Aguilera, Ali Landry, Kyle Richards, Eva Longoria, Kristen Bell, Marcia Cross, Odette Yustman, Jessica Londes, Paula Abdul and many more. Roseanne Fama, the Vice President of New Product Development for L'Oreal considers Girlactik's Star Gloss Lip Gloss as one of the most "goof-proof glosses," as quoted in 0 magazine. Allure magazine awarded Girlactik's timeless shadow in brown "best-Brown" for 2006/2007. March of 2015, we have finally signed contract with Meishoku Corporation as exclusive distributor of Skin Care products with Organic Rose, Placenta Whitening, BB Essence Cream, Bigan Acne-preventing soaps and Medical Lotions, Skin Cream with micro collagen, Porerina for pore clear face cleansing, DetClear Peeling Jelly with AHA and plant BHA. Meishoku Corporation is a 130 years in history of Skin Care Industry in Japan.

Swan Dance International Trading is committed to offering the highest quality products at the best value. This is done with one primary objective in mind- To bring out the inner beauty in every woman through enhancing her outer beauty. We aim to be a global cosmetic player and establish a family together with our partners to be proud of what we achieve.

Swan Dance International Trading is the leading distributor of high end cosmetics in South East Asia. Swan Dance International Trading has experienced rapid growth and has become a dominant force in the professional cosmetic industry; the competitive pricing without compromising quality has led us to gain our customers satisfactions as a newly company from any ingredients that are considered as potentially hazardous.