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Black Star Base

Black cream base cream base used as eyeliner or as a dark shadow base to create smokey shadow and longer wearing shadow. it?s the base that come with ..

₱ 1,155.00 Ex Tax: ₱ 1,155.00

Cake Foundation Face & Body

CAKE FOUNDATION FACE & BODYProduct No. :    7879-84xxx*Color numbers come to last 3 digitsNet:    50 gColor: &n..

₱ 2,750.00 Ex Tax: ₱ 2,750.00

Chacott Creamy Foundation (No. 864)

Product details of Chacott Creamy Foundation (No. 864) Contains vegetable oil-based UV protective ingredien..

₱ 3,500.00 Ex Tax: ₱ 3,500.00

Chic Shine

This is a must have in your bag. Apply it on your cheekbones and or under your eyebrow giving a metallic foil shine. This beauty must-have plays with ..

₱ 1,570.00 Ex Tax: ₱ 1,570.00

Color Make Up

*Color numbers come to last 3 digitsNet:    4.5 gColor:    16 colors651.Silver,652.Gold,661.White,662.Cream Yellow,663.I..

₱ 1,650.00 Ex Tax: ₱ 1,650.00

Concealer -53%


Eye brightening around the eye can make all the difference. Girlactik’s Concealer in 5 shades from C-0 to C-3 applies evenly and smoothly with no pull..

₱ 1,650.00 ₱ 768.00 Ex Tax: ₱ 768.00

Cream Blush -54%

Cream Blush

These creamy luxurious blushes are easy to blend and give a nice flush of color. Double up and apply cream blushes as a lip color too topped with some..

₱ 1,570.00 ₱ 726.00 Ex Tax: ₱ 726.00

Cutting Sponge (Oval)

Chacott Cutting Sponge (Oval)-It is very tender and sensitive skin also featured in sponges, natural rubber is used. It is oil-based and water-based f..

₱ 875.00 Ex Tax: ₱ 875.00

Cutting Sponges Ellipse and Rectangle Mix

Chacott Cutting Sponges Ellipse and Rectangle Mix-It is very tender and sensitive skin also recommended for sponges, natural rubber is used. It is oil..

₱ 700.00 Ex Tax: ₱ 700.00

Eyebrow Pencil

Natural colorant. Moderate hardness lead gives easy lining on eyebrows. Natural wax coated. Smooth touch and lines evenly.*Color numbers come to last ..

₱ 1,350.00 Ex Tax: ₱ 1,350.00

Face Glimmer -40%

Face Glimmer

Girlactik Face Glimmer warms up your complexion with a sheer shimmering tint. The gel texture is formulated with dimethicone to fill in ridges and den..

₱ 1,200.00 ₱ 726.00 Ex Tax: ₱ 726.00

Finishing Powder

Chacott for Professionals Finishing Powder, I have heard, is the best selling loose powder in Japan and is a range originally made for dancers and..

₱ 2,700.00 Ex Tax: ₱ 2,700.00

Finishing Powder Sparkle

Finishing Powder Sparkle  *Color numbers come to last 3 digitsNet:    30 gColor:    4 colors    ..

₱ 1,900.00 Ex Tax: ₱ 1,900.00

Flawless Matte Finishing Poudre

Finishing Poudre is the last step in setting your flawless face. This is a universally flattering poudre that is weightless and so soft, you’ll love t..

₱ 2,065.00 Ex Tax: ₱ 2,065.00

Glam Eye Powder -40%

Glam Eye Powder

To make your eyes a little more glam use the glam eye powder available in 3 shades to get a shimmering shadow. Apply the glam eye on the inner part of..

₱ 950.00 ₱ 570.00 Ex Tax: ₱ 570.00

Glass Powder

Solid glass powder are Diamond-like shineGlamorous glitter sparkle like jewelsDirecting the eyes an impressive. AI Hall and highlightsIn that overlap ..

₱ 2,750.00 Ex Tax: ₱ 2,750.00

HD Enriching Concealer

HD stands for High Definition television / HDTVHD Enriching Concealer Good at both high-covering and translucent natural makeup. Makeup as recovering ..

₱ 1,150.00 Ex Tax: ₱ 1,150.00

HD Enriching Creamy Foundation

HD Enriching Creamy Foundation*Color numbers come to last 3 digitsNet:    42 gColor:    4 colors    ..

₱ 2,600.00 Ex Tax: ₱ 2,600.00

HD Enriching Liquid Foundation

 Enriching Liquid Foundation  HD stands for High Definition television / HDTVGood at both high-covering and translucent natural makeup. Make..

₱ 2,600.00 Ex Tax: ₱ 2,600.00

Heavens Dust -37%

Heavens Dust

Dust this shimmering sparkling dust on your decolletage and shoulders to give your skin a lustrous, sparkling shine. This dust is like having crystals..

₱ 1,140.00 ₱ 720.00 Ex Tax: ₱ 720.00

Kabuki Makeup Brush New -31%

Kabuki Makeup Brush

Kabuki Makeup BrushTaklon Synthetic Hair  TypeCosmetics companies make makeup brushes from a synthetic material nylon as opposed to naturalhair b..

₱ 650.00 ₱ 450.00 Ex Tax: ₱ 450.00

Matte Bronzer -38%

Matte Bronzer

Girlactik has formulated two matte bronzers that are pressed like a pressed powder giving you beautiful tanned skin as if you were vacationing on the ..

₱ 2,145.00 ₱ 1,328.00 Ex Tax: ₱ 1,328.00

Matte Lip Paint New -21%

Matte Lip Paint

₱1,499 Inclusive of Delivery Charge NationwideYou are the artist to your lips with Matte Lip Paint. Apply this richly pigmented lip paint on to y..

₱ 1,900.00 ₱ 1,499.00 Ex Tax: ₱ 1,499.00

Mechanical Eyeliner -38%

Mechanical Eyeliner

Formulated to withstand everything from tears to inclement weather, this mechanical waterproof angle eyeliner twists up and never needs sharpening. It..

₱ 1,570.00 ₱ 968.00 Ex Tax: ₱ 968.00

Moist-Labo BB Essence Cream (Natural Beige) 33g -10%

Moist-Labo BB Essence Cream (Natural Beige) 33g

BB Cream with natural finish Makes your skin bright and natural-looking by assuredly covering spots, pores and color unevenness.SPF40..

₱ 962.00 ₱ 865.00 Ex Tax: ₱ 865.00

Moist-Labo BB Matte Cream (Natural Beige)  33g -10%

Moist-Labo BB Matte Cream (Natural Beige) 33g

Natural and bright matte skin finish A matte cream assuredly covers worrisome spots, pores and color unevenness without shine. Comb..

₱ 962.00 ₱ 865.00 Ex Tax: ₱ 865.00

Moist-Labo BB+ Loose Powder (Transparent Type)

With the effects of preventing sebum and shine and correcting irregularities, Moist Labo BB+ Loose Powder keeps skin transparent and beautiful for..

₱ 962.00 Ex Tax: ₱ 962.00

Pearl Base

This is the best base primer for shadows, intensifying the color and making it last long hours without creasing. For a sheer sparkle shadow apply the ..

₱ 1,320.00 Ex Tax: ₱ 1,320.00

Pearl Series

MAKEUP COLOR VARIATION PEARL SERIESProduct No. :    7879-86xxx*Color numbers come to last 3 digitsNet:    2 gColor: ..

₱ 1,650.00 Ex Tax: ₱ 1,650.00

Pout Shine -40%

Pout Shine

High shine laquer tube glosses that will give you those pouty lips you’ve always wanted in an array of colors!..

₱ 1,140.00 ₱ 684.00 Ex Tax: ₱ 684.00

Powder Puff

    1 piece. Soft touch. Holds plenty of Finishing Powder nicely.    Soft touch    Hold plenty of Finishi..

₱ 870.00 Ex Tax: ₱ 870.00

Radiant Mineral Face Powder -40%

Radiant Mineral Face Powder

Applying this Mineral Powder will leave your skin looking healthy and replenished with a natural glow. For best results, apply using the kabuki brush...

₱ 1,500.00 ₱ 900.00 Ex Tax: ₱ 900.00

Skin Glow -55%

Skin Glow

There’s a new secret in town and its called “Glamorous”. Its a velvety luxurious shine applied on your body with a puff to give your skin a glow. The ..

₱ 2,145.00 ₱ 960.00 Ex Tax: ₱ 960.00

Skin Primer -54%

Skin Primer

Girlactik Beauty Skin Primer 1.41 ozNew in boxGirlactik’s Skin Primer in Canvas is a must have to begin your makeup prep. The formulation is a wa..

₱ 2,310.00 ₱ 1,074.00 Ex Tax: ₱ 1,074.00

Skin Tint Moisturizer -54%

Skin Tint Moisturizer

A Tinted Moisturizer can add so much to your skin. Girlactik’s Skin Tint Moisturizer comes in 6 shades ranging from F-Zero being fair to F-6 being dar..

₱ 2,310.00 ₱ 1,074.00 Ex Tax: ₱ 1,074.00

Sparkle Eyeliner Set -53%

Sparkle Eyeliner Set

Wearing girlactik's sparkle eyeliner means getting a lot of compliments,so I'm warning you! I Iove waearing the sparkle liner alone or pairing it up w..

₱ 1,650.00 ₱ 780.00 Ex Tax: ₱ 780.00

Sparkle Eyeliner Single -54%

Sparkle Eyeliner Single

IMPORTANT: these are the sparkles ONLY. Each sparkle color is sold individually. These sparkle singles need to be used with either the black star base..

₱ 910.00 ₱ 420.00 Ex Tax: ₱ 420.00

Stage Foundation

Product No. :    Chacott - 7879-84xxx*Color numbers come to last 3 digitsColor:    9 colors*Refer to stage foundation co..

₱ 1,050.00 Ex Tax: ₱ 1,050.00

Star Blush -54%

Star Blush

These blushes have a metallic powder in it to give a shimmery finish or are matte colors. All the blushes blend well and give a nice natural color...

₱ 1,570.00 ₱ 726.00 Ex Tax: ₱ 726.00

Star Gloss -54%

Star Gloss

 These glosses vary from sheer to shimmering colors. They are long lasting with a little tack, and stay on with a good shine to keep your lips mo..

₱ 1,485.00 ₱ 690.00 Ex Tax: ₱ 690.00