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Ballet Slippers

Ballet Slippers

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Canvas Ballet Slippers Type-C -40%

Canvas Ballet Slippers Type-C

Chacott Canvas Ballet Slippers Type-CMaterials Used: Canvas, Leather• Soft and comfortable canvas material used for moderate fitting• Shock absorb cus..

₱ 2,650.00 ₱ 1,590.00 Ex Tax: ₱ 1,590.00

Split Sole Ballet Slippers (Type S) -20%

Split Sole Ballet Slippers (Type S)

Chacott Split Sole Ballet Slippers Type-SMaterial: Canvas, Leather• Color White and Black are available in size 23.5-28.0cm only• Color European Pink ..

₱ 2,650.00 ₱ 2,120.00 Ex Tax: ₱ 2,120.00

Stretch Ballet Slippers -40%

Stretch Ballet Slippers

Chacott Stretch Ballet SlippersMaterial: Canvas and Leather• Soft and comfortable stretch satin canvas material used for good holding and fitting.• Th..

₱ 2,650.00 ₱ 1,590.00 Ex Tax: ₱ 1,590.00

Teacher's Shoes -40%

Teacher's Shoes

Chacott Teacher's ShoesMaterials Used: Leather..

₱ 8,000.00 ₱ 4,800.00 Ex Tax: ₱ 4,800.00