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Rhythmic Gymnastics

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Dance Band (Hard)

Chacott Dance Band (Hard)Material: Natural rubber,Rayon, etc• Trains inner muscles• Leads body in the correct position• Assistant tool for stretch out..

₱ 3,700.00 Ex Tax: ₱ 3,700.00

Dance Band (Soft)

Chacott Dance Band (Soft)Materials Used: Natural Rubber, Rayon, etc.• Trains inner muscles. • Leads body in the correct position. • Assistan..

₱ 3,700.00 Ex Tax: ₱ 3,700.00

Dance Supporter (Ankle & Craft)

Chacott Dance Supporter (Ankle & Craft)Materials Used: Nylon, Polyurethane• Muscle-Vibration-Control• Movement- Accurateness• Mechanical Spring-Po..

₱ 1,595.00 Ex Tax: ₱ 1,595.00

Flora Knit Body Warmer

Chacott Flora Knit Body Warmer Materials Used: Wool, Acryl, Nylon, polyurethaneColor: Black / Dark Gray / MagentaSize: Medium ..

₱ 3,750.00 Ex Tax: ₱ 3,750.00

Leg Supporter (Both legs)

Chacott Leg Supporter (Both legs)Materials Used: Nylon, Polyurethane• Alleviate the leg pressure and stress after dancing• It help eliminate swelling ..

₱ 2,050.00 Ex Tax: ₱ 2,050.00

Supporters Tricot Pieces

Chacott Supporters Tricot PiecesMaterials Used: Polyester, Polyurethane, Rayon• Superior sweat-absorbent• Quick-drying ..

₱ 3,250.00 Ex Tax: ₱ 3,250.00